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How to Acquire New Customers Without Breaking the Bank

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Your business success depends on your loyal consumer-base. Sounds good? Perfect! But, it is not that easy as it seems to be. Prior to having dedicated customers, you need to plan and validate the idea of acquiring and engaging more and more people with your brand. The big conglomerates do not have any such reservations as they already have strong roots in the market. For example, it might not be easy for a new travel or real estate business to penetrate into the UAE market because of the high competition.

The SMEs and startup businesses need to establish their reputation in the target industry, in the first place. Brand recognition acts as a stepping-stone to get new customers and retain the old ones. The entire process of launching an eCommerce business; from website development to brand promotion and building a resilient customer isn’t always cheap.

Marketing your brand is an expensive endeavor. Coming up to acquiring customers without breaking your bank can be a challenge. Normally the new businesses have a limited budget for marketing. Therefore, a reliable digital marketing agency in UAE offering affordable solutions to customer acquisition and retention is the right bid in this regard.

Don’t Become Eccentric, Go Contemporary:


The first consideration for any new ecommerce business is to get the customers through their website, just like a brick and mortar retailer get the potential consumers through his doors. The later one can rely on the conventional modes of promoting its brand, but the former has to set his sights on cohesive digital marketing practices.

The local print adverts, and snail mails are the things of the past. It’s the time to adapt to the digital revolution.

The customer acquisition tactics that actually work:

If you want to spend a fortune on getting new customers, then use the following techniques that are inexpensive but quite effective.

Set up your Social Presence:

Instagram is on the high rise.

To survive, your business needs a digital presence. So, for quick brand promotion, you must set up your social presence.

Facebook, with its recent changes, if getting hard on businesses from a marketing perspective. Its popularity seems to phase out soon in this regard. Whereas, this isn’t the case with Instagram any time sooner. You can have your own business account on this platform that’s absolutely free of charge.

It will only cost your time and even paying a few bucks to someone for managing your Instagram account is digestible as far as they are productive in generating followers. Let’s calculate, if you successfully get 5,000 followers in a month and 20% of them converts into customers then you will have 1000 new customers.

It is a great deal without breaking your bank. Isn’t it?    

You cannot get this much on Facebook, unless you run a paid campaign that will die naturally in some point of time. While, this number is not only attainable, but far more sustainable than any other social media channel.

Tip: Create more visual content and run epic promotional campaigns to engage more people.

Besides, utilizing the definitive power of hashtags you can feature the customer’s image on your account. With this hospitality, you will get more followers and hence the more prospective consumers.

Again, this strategy won’t cost you dearly! Try to reap the benefits. 

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