9 Types of Pears for Baking, Cooking and Snacking

15 Nov.,2022


Red Fragrant Pear

When ripe, the dense and sublimely juicy flesh of these round-bottomed beauties boasts a refreshing and subtly sweet flavor. There are red and green varieties of Anjou, both of which are widely available from early fall through the summer months. As for what to do with ‘em, Anjous are all-purpose pears that can be used in pretty much any culinary application: Baking, poaching, roasting, grilling—there’s nothing the Anjou can’t do. (Yes, they’re good fresh, too.) That said, it’s important to be aware that the color of Anjous is unaffected by the ripening process, so checking the neck for signs of tenderness is the best (i.e., only) way to tell if one is ready to use.