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15 Nov.,2022


Red Fragrant Pear


Bartlett Pear

Red Bartlett Pear

One of the most popular varieties of pears, the Bartlett pear originated in England. The light green skin eventually turns a yellowish color when ripe. The red Bartlett variety is the same as the green variety except that it turns a dark crimson as it ripens. The juicy Bartlett pear is excellent as a snack, for use in salads, or in a variety of cooked dishes.

Anjou Pear

Red Anjou Pear

A short-necked variety of pear that originated in France. The green Anjou has a pale green skin that doesn't change color as the pear ripens, while the red Anjou has a deep red skin that darkens as it ripens. Anjou pears are less expensive than some of the other pear varieties, but they are also less flavorful, having a somewhat bland pear flavor. They are often used in baking various food dishes with pears.

Bosc Pear

A variety of winter pear that has a dark golden color, slender neck, and a sweet, but slightly tart flavor.

Comice Pear

A type of Pear that is one of the juiciest and most flavorful available, but it is also one of the most expensive. This Pear, which originated in France, is larger in size and has a more rounded shape than many other Pear varieties, such as the Bartlett. Comice Pears are excellent to eat out of hand or to add to fruit salads, baked goods and dessert trays.

Packham Pear

A specialty pear, native to Australia that has a less symmetrical pear shape, but a somewhat larger size at its base than other pears. The Packham Pear generally has a short stout shape with an irregular or bumpy surface. The outer pale yellow skin covers a white juicy flesh that is very sweet in flavor. The texture of the flesh on a Packham Pear is firm, but softens as it ripens. It is a variety that is a cross between a Bartlett and a Yvedale Saint-Germain pear.

Asian Pear

A fruit developed from the crossbreeding of pears with apples to produce a crisp, mildly-flavored pear. There are numerous varieties of Asian pears that are all similar in taste and appearance. Some of the common varieties include the Asia Fragrant, Hosui (Russet), Ichiban, Nashi, Kosui, Olympic, Royal, Shinko, Shinseiki, 20th Century, Yakumo, Yali (meaning dark), Yoinashi, and Yuan Huang. The shape of Asian pears generally resembles an apple shape and the skin has a reddish to pale yellowish-tan color with some having a brown-russet overtone. The inner flesh is white, crisp like an apple, and juicy. Unlike the round species, the shape of the Fragrant and the Ya pear are more of an egg or oblong shape rather than round.

Forelle Pear

A pear variety distinguished by a golden-yellow skin with a patch of red coloring on one side. The flesh of the Forelle Pear is sweet and crisp throughout. Although it is good eaten as a fresh Pear, it is typically more flavorful when it is cooked and served warm.

Seckel Pear

A specialty pear that has the traditional pear shape but much smaller in size. The thicker outer skin, which is yellowish-green and red in color, covers a white juicy flesh that is very sweet and spicy in flavor. The texture of the flesh is firmer than other soft fleshed pears, making it a good pear for cooking and canning. It is also known as the sugar pear.