12Volt No Idle Semi Truck Air Conditioner Electric APU for Parking

16 Nov.,2022


Truck Electric APU

Product Description

Our 12 Volt Truck Air Conditioner Will Help You Save Money !

A Class 8 truck consumes approximately 1 gallon of diesel fuel per hour while idling at night to keep its driver comfortable in the sleeper cab. Many trucks idle up to 2,500 hours per year consuming more than 2500 gallons of fuel. Our Topleader No Idle A/C System Electric APU eliminates the need to idle the truck's engine, saving fleets more than $10,000 per truck annually. If you want to purchase the high quality Truck Electric APU, please contact us!


Semi Truck Electric APU

Standalone air conditioning for the NIGHT-TIME and DAY-TIME use working with the engine switched OFF and ON, maintaining the temperature during the day. This unit is used mainly to cool down the driver cabin during the driver's overnight rest periods and during loading  and unloading operations. This truck apu is a battery powered electric a/c system almost aesthetically invisible as the condensing unit is placed on the back of the cabin. Wellness, powerful and silent, comfortable rest in vehicle cab, reducing stress and tiredness and consequently risks of accidents on the road.




New Parking Truck Auto DC Air Conditioner (12V-DL-2000F1) eAPU                


Key Benefits 

1. 100% powered by 12V/24 battery, cools when engine on or off.

2. DC electric compressor used, strong cooling power, with 10000BTU cooling in accordance with JIS standard.

3. Soft started, no flash current, safety and stable.

4. Double battery protection, no damage to battery.

5. Split mounted, no drills on the cabin roof.

6. R-134a pre-filled, safety and environment friendly.


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Product Specifications


Advantages of  12 Volt Air Conditioner For Trucks

1. Completely electrical power.

2. Reduced fuel expenses.

3. Reduces maintenance to idle, the less maintenance.

4. Battery operation, drivers prevent atmospheric emissions of CO2.

5. Comfortable rest in the vehicle cab, which contributes to road safety.

6. Install without touching the vehicle engine, simple installation.

7. Operational with the engine switched ON or OFF.

8. Easy mounting without drilling the cab on trucks with a hatch.




1. All kinds of truck cabins

2. Mining trucks, sweepers, forklifts

3. Construction machinery, such as excavators

4. EV, RV, vans, minibus

5. Agricultural machineries, tractors



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                              Let the driver enjoy an ideal temperature in the sleeping cabin to gain enough power.



                                           Saving and comfort on the road!!!!