26 Best Body Lotions and Creams for Every Skin Type 2021 — Best Body Lotions For Soft Skin

27 Oct.,2022


Body Lotion

PSA: Using body lotion is non-negotiable. I mean, you wouldn’t skip out on face moisturizer, right? I always slather on body lotion the moment I step out of the shower—and it’s definitely how my skin is so freakishly soft all year-round. And if you think you can just grab any old body lotion off the store shelf, you're mistaken (sorry, but it's true). You want a body lotion that’s lightweight, suuuper hydrating, and fast-absorbing. Like, imagine playing skincare Russian roulette and ending up with a goopy lotion that leaves you greasy and sticky? No, thanks.

I get it, though—there are a million and one body lotions, creams, and butters on the market. Where should you even start looking? Don’t stress, I’m basically the body lotion queen, and I’ve pretty much tested every single one under the sun for you. Here, the 26 best body lotions that'll get your skin looking (and feeling) just right.

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