What are the Different Types of Body Creams and Lotions?

27 Oct.,2022


Body Lotion

Many people use body creams and lotions on their skin to increase its softness and moisture level. There is a difference between a body cream and lotion, so knowing the different variations can help when choosing which one is best to use. Using one or the other can also depend on the weather and skin condition of the user.

Body creams and lotions are similar in that they both work to soften and moisturize the skin. They are different in the fact that body creams are usually richer and trap moisture in better than the body lotions. Some may say that body creams have a more oily feel than lotion. If the air is extremely dry or cold or your skin needs a lot of extra moisture, using a body cream instead of lotion may be best.

A popular type of lotion is a firming lotion. Its objective is to firm and tighten your skin. Some brands also claim to visibly reduce cellulite. This lotion is typically used on both the face and body.

Another type of popular lotion is one that is perfumed and mixed with a specific fragrance. It can have the same properties as regular lotion, but also includes the scent of a specific perfume. Instead of applying a few sprays of perfume on certain areas of the body, the lotion allows the scent to be an even layer on the body. Perfumed lotions are available for individual purchase, but they are also typically included in a gift set with the spray perfume itself.

Night body cream is a great alternative for those who are not fond of wearing body creams and lotions during the day. It works while you sleep and can have the same hydrating and softening properties. Some night creams may also have aromatherapy properties, which can help the user feel more relaxed and sleep better.

Shea butter is an ingredient found in several types of body creams and lotions. It comes from the nuts on Karite nut trees, which grow in Africa. Shea butter is said to have many properties that help skin, including the ability to help diminish stretch marks and wrinkles and deeply moisturize skin. It is also said to be an anti-inflammatory. If the lotion or cream contains shea butter, it will more often than not boast that fact on the front label.

When choosing body creams and lotions, it is important to read all the ingredients contained in the products. A dermatologist can be vital when picking out the most appropriate one depending on the individual. With all of the options, great skin can be right around the corner.