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The Best of Mobile Apps: To Make Your Life Happy

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In the old golden times, technology used to change every century. Your ancestors lived life, with ease with main focus on manual labor. Then came the industrial revolution which led to many innovations. The new instruments saved time and also human energy. After the invention of electricity by Edison, events happened at a fast pace. With the discovery of computer, another change occurred in human life. Then the internet happened. And technology moved over to the computers, then to laptops and finally mobiles. The best innovation in recent times, yes, you guessed it right. APPs. The year 2016 is the the “Year of Apps.” The reason, every business (big or small) wanted a share of the e-Commerce market.

Just, for a moment, look around. Which is the industry that have gone through various changes within a short span of time? Once again, you guessed right. It is technology. Businesses in every sector to give the best to their customers. Jobs have, no doubt, increased multi-fold. But, it is the survival of the fittest. A person, with a deep knowledge of his/her sector gets the best salary and perks. So, what do you need to keep yourself FIT in the job market? By learning. You do not even have to go to a institute. Many professionals, around the world, rely on apps to get the recent update. They work on their own in their free time to gain knowledge.

Technology moves at a fast pace. Only the speed of light can win over the pace. Ha! Everyday, you get chunks of updates on every sector. Yes, the challenges are immense to keep yourself updated in the technology field. Like everyone, you have only 24 hours in a day. Majority of the hours goes for your career. The remaining  you spend for the family commitments. But, do not worry. You have come to the right place. In this article, we have listed some apps for your, our loyal readers. They give the recent best updates related to the technology field.

Five Tech News Apps


Want to know every tidbit about tech events? Install this app in your mobile. The reason for the popularity, is the crisp format for any update. They do not beat around the bush. In a day, where you find scant time, you should complete reading the news in short time. If you can understand two and two, well, you are smart. Or else, there is always the ‘Read More’ button in the bottom bar.

Wait, the app has more. The most popular section is the “Trending Today”. The app has a design where you can swipe right or left and also down with ease to get the required details.

Want to have the best? Go for the Beebom app v2.0? Then there is the exclusive portrait videos. Another reason, the app is a viral with the public is because of the “Dark Mode” feature. Yes, like other apps, you also have the bookmark section.

Hey, we kindly request our readers to first finish the article and then go for download the BeeBom app

Appy Geek

The name “Appy” reminds you of the cool drink, which has filtered Apple Juice. If you put two and two together, that is Appy and Technology, then you get this app. Appy Geek. When NewsRepublic launched the Appy Geek app, they made their mark in the minds of tech lovers. So let us discuss the advantages of this app.

It has a dark UI with excellent animations that can give the counterparts a run for money.

The app design is such that it has subscribed to all the important tech websites. But it has a rare feature. After installation, you can delete the subscription from the settings menu. You can select the updates as per the need.

In the home section, you get the news articles. There is the digest section of editorial articles. So, you can also get reviews of gadgets and products. Want to post a comment to a article? You can post from the app. This app also supports other languages such as French, Chinese, Spanish and Espanol.


It is RSS feed. The app makes it a simple task to subscribe to many reputed technology websites via the Tech option. The best feature of this app is the ability to create many of your own personal feeds. You can divide articles based on your interest.

The cool features of the app are auto mark read feature, dark mode, and third party read it later apps support( for example, OneNote, Pocket, Instapaper and Pocket). You also get the sharing option. Yes, it has a price, but worthy to get the best updates on your device to read at your own time.

Enough of technology apps? Now, let us get down to business. What is the use of a recent mobile, if you do not know how to use it?  There may be many apps installed, but unless you realise their important, they are as good as in the dustbin. In the next section, we give you the list of apps, that can add to the value of your mobile.


Do you multi-task? We mean, even in bus, lunch and on other times. Then you may have a entire set of apps on your mobile. And some of them may need passwords to sign in. In fact, this app is for security of your social media platforms. This password manager assists you to make secure passwords. Then,  provides the encryption to store all on your device.

Google Photos

Instagram and Pinterest became popular. The reason – they focused on individual updates and the importance of self. Google Photos gives you liability to have unlimited videos and photos in cloud. Yes, to make the event or image a bundle of joy, you also have the editing features. There are options to create albums for specific events. And yes, we forgot to mention the search option.

Just Press Record

Are you a journalist or a budding musician? Or a student who is attending a seminar by a personality? Then for a journalist, it is difficult to keep in mind the words on a meeting. You can record the entire conversation with a tap on the mobile. One of the main advantages – save recordings to cloud. And we forgot to mention – there is a Apple Watch app.


All said and done. We have given only some of the apps, but the best. But please note the common factor. Your mobile needs to be in good condition. Few know, many businessmen check their mobiles for malware and spyware. There are some, who delete all the programs and then install them for the recent updates. Let us say, you have a e-commerce business and have a small office in Hyderabad, India. You do most of the transactions by mobile and laptop. The laptop, you give for service every six months. For the mobile, let us assume, the warranty has expired. You feel, that the mobile has a malware. You need to fix it quick. So what is your next step? The best is to seek for online mobile repair via a home maintenance company. These companies have qualified technicians in their customer care team. Every professional gets checked for their skills and credentials. They will come on your scheduled time and fix the problem.

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