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Consistent Web Design Begets Branding Efficiency:

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Digital marketing isn’t something you can give a lift to by reading manuals. It takes a lot of practice and experience to build an unbeatable strategy. It involves several attempts at experimentation and development. The best takeaway from this trial-and-error undertaking is that a digital marketer better understands the importance of consistency – convenient and user-friendly. What many amateur marketers might not realize is that user value isn’t only critical – it is everything when it comes to brand marketing.

However, even developing a workable prototype that’s fully customized to your business needs and adaptable to your brand’s tone, it wouldn’t yield desired results unless you have a high-converting website design. The templates made earlier won’t work out in the present-day of digital advancements. Better not to reinvent the design wheel because only a complete revamp will help build a quality user experience.

Your goal is to increase conversion rates and sales, and for this, you need to consult web design company Dubai to plan and deliver you a much-needed website with all significant ingredients of attracting and engaging your target audience.

The eCommerce sales largely depend on website design that is;

  • Clearly branded
  • Easy to navigate
  • Focused on USP
  • High converting

Creativity is commendable for eCommerce sites, so that target audience likes to visit the site – improves conversion rate and search engine rankings. But, often, it impedes the user experience; flashy websites, for example.  So, better to keep everything direct, easygoing and straightforward for the site visitors.

Is it critical to follow the trends so fervently?

Not Really! How come?

Trends, be related to web design or digital marketing, comes after building the website structure.

Here a few points every small to medium enterprise should consider before landing into web design necessary for successful brand marketing. The focus is on SMEs because they usually have tight budget compared to well-established brands – already famous and can consume a big chunk of their resources into marketing. Small business owners have to be extra careful before making any move.

  • Focus on design idea:

A website as a masterwork of design wholly depends on the conceived idea. Concentrate on the essential aspects of your web design before thinking about the additional features. Develop a predictable layout, first and then start working on navigations, CTAs and adding the beautiful products.

Bear in mind; no one cares about the color of the stitching on the leather of rocking chair if it doesn’t even have a leg rest. Fundamental aspects take the lead on web design frills.

  • Animations? Not a thumb rule:

Animations supplement the site’s visual appeal. But, despite appearing too cool, it’s not something that could make or break your business.

The world-famous Salesforce and Google, etc., aren’t relying on animations because it’s not a key to deliver quality user experience. Simple and clean designs work the best because, today, people seek for brand’s relevancy to their requirements, not the fancy of flashy frameworks.

  • Consistency rules the UX:

A consistent design brings convenience for the potential consumers – making the website more user-friendly.

A uniform UX design is understandable and adoptable for the users. Moreover, it saves their time. For example, if you keep the button symbol and style consistent throughout the project, you don’t need to create new from scratch. It speeds up the design process.

All in all, user value is everything. Deliver quality user experience via website design; rest of all are afterthoughts. A perfectly designed website is the backbone of brand marketing and business success. Don’t delay hiring a recognized web design company brings value to your site users – necessary for more sales and increased revenues.

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