Direct Roving for Long Fiber Thermoplastics (LFT, D-LFT)

12 Oct.,2022


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Direct roving - also called single-end roving - can be used for fiberglass reinforcement of thermoplastic compounds like Polypropylene or Polyamide.

In the case of LFT (Long Fiber Thermoplastics) the individual strands of the direct roving are impregnated very quickly and with high wet-out requirements in a pultrusion process. After cooling the impregnated strands are cut to a specified length into pellets.

Direct roving can also be used in D-LFT (Direct Long Fiber Thermoplastics), where the strands are fed directly into the polymer melt without a prior compounding step. Similarly, direct roving is also suitable for fiber reinforced tapes.

Direct roving and its sizing need to be optimized for LFT and D-LFT applications, especially regarding the critical requirements of excellent, care-free unwinding and fast impregnation. Materials produced with LFT or D-LFT processes combine superior mechanical properties and light weight thanks to the greater length of the incorporated fiberglass strands.