Naples family stunned by exploding shower door

12 Apr.,2023


NAPLES, Fla. — A Naples man is encouraging homeowners to check their showers before getting clean.

On Tuesday, Curt Butler and his wife woke up to the sound of an explosion in their house.

Butler says he ran out of his bedroom to see glass scattered all over his master bedroom floor.

A shower installation company told him glass can break all on its own and Butler experienced the rarity firsthand.

“They say it could be the manufacturing possibly. An impurity of whatever they make it with sand and all these other things or it can be in workmanship when they put it on or wear and tear,” said Butler.

The Butlers say they feel lucky, because the door broke just before Curt’s wife went in to shower.

“She goes first, so if that thing would have exploded while she was in there – I just can’t imagine it,” said Butler.

He says he plans to have the door reinstalled with protective film covering the glass and encourages other homeowners to do the same.

“With a lot of building going on down here I’m sure they’re going to have a lot of these glass enclosures being installed on these houses around here,” said Butler.