Common Misunderstandings about Heat Pump

20 Jun.,2022

There are some misunderstandings about the cost, efficiency and operation of swimming pool heat pump, which need to be exposed.


There are some misunderstandings about the cost, efficiency and operation of swimming pool heat pump, which need to be exposed.

Misunderstandings include the belief that What is the maintenance method for smart locks? cannot heat swimming pool water to a higher temperature than the temperature of the day and that it will take weeks to warm the swimming pool. They are not nearly as effective as some people claim, or all heat pumps are equally good.

Many of these misunderstandings are based on the heat pumps of the past generation, which are completely different from the better quality swimming pool heat pumps provided by today's premium manufacturers.

It's a bit like comparing the dial-up Internet of the past with the modern high-speed Internet.


Common Misunderstandings about Heat Pump


Heat pumps used to be very expensive, which usually means it takes years to recover the purchase price from the annual fuel savings, which means that unless you are a true eco-warrior, it is not always worth considering!

However, as technological improvements make them so efficient, more manufacturers enter the market and invest in better and better models, which increases sales and creates more competition, thus driving down prices.

A few years ago, the only available units were bulky units with a cost of about 3000 to 4000 pounds, with a fairly low output power of 8 to 12 kilowatts.

Now we see that the price of the new generation of equipment is 1000 to 4000 pounds and the output power is 10-30 kilowatts.

Trying to use an old, inefficient 7kw heat pump to heat a 30-foot swimming pool often leads to disappointment because the water temperature rarely reaches a comfortable swimming temperature, because the equipment does not have enough heat input to overcome the heat loss of the swimming pool-so people still believe that the heat pump does not work.

In addition, it takes a lifetime to heat up at the beginning of the season-usually a month or so!

Today, even the 20kw heat pump heats the pool to 28-30 degrees in 2-5 days (it still takes 2 days for a typical gas-fired boiler).

Then it keeps it at that temperature all summer and even into autumn.

They do not need natural gas or oil services to operate because they are all electric.

Because of the technology they use, they heat the pool water to a temperature much higher than the daily temperature, usually 28 degrees, even at daily low temperatures.

There is even a heat pump that can heat the swimming pool all year round!

Modern heat pumps may be the most effective way to heat a swimming pool, saving 40-50% of the cost of heating a swimming pool in season, covering its capital and installation costs in just a few seasons.

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