Things you should know about IP65 Touch Screen Monitors

17 Nov.,2022


Full IP65 High Brightness Touch Monitor

Touch Screen monitors feature a contemporary, sleek appearance and a complete IP65-resistant aluminium case. The models that are part of this series come with Capacitive 10-finger multitouch capability or optional resistive touch capability. This is the ideal solution for rough, industrial and outdoor conditions.


The chances are high that once you install an outdoor setup of touch screen monitors, it will get dust and water droplets on it. That’s where faytech’s 15″ or 12.1” capacitive IP65 High Brightness Touch Screen Monitor comes in, it is dust and water-resistant because we all know the feeling of our phones being droned in water, and it becomes less responsive to touch. With faytech’s IP65 capacitive touch monitors, the touch will remain responsive due to the touch sensor settings being adjusted accordingly beforehand. It has no issues being operated with glover or in rainy situations.

There are numerous conditions and applications where you want an IP65 contact screen resistant to water and dust particles. These touch screens are utilized in business and industrial settings. In such places, a client or employee may go over the touch screen shown at Point-of-Sale, at kiosks, at cafés, or in an industrial situation, machines or control panels, and that’s just the beginning.

The barrier of touch boards against water and particles is usually depicted by the Ingress Protection (IP) rating consisting of 2 numbers.