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Content Marketing – A Savior to Digital Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing is the atomic particle of all the rest of a brand’s marketing campaigns. ~Rebeca Lieb

The ever-evolving technologies coupled with consistently changing corporate trends has entirely transformed the marketing outlook. Today, organizations are facing immense challenges in building an audience and achieving the profitable results: loyal customers, reduced costs and increased revenues. Hence, they need a proactive, integrated marketing plan.

The world’s leading brands depend on the digital marketing innovation that narrows down to content.

In what manner?

CONTENT DRIVES EVERYTHING.  As Seth Godin says “content marketing is the only marketing left”.

Gone are the days when ‘updating content’ on your website on quarterly basis and ‘just posting’ on social networking sites suffice the marketing needs.

The days of just campaigning and talking about your products are over. Today, you must develop a brand-specific content strategy incorporating all-significant touch-points to attract and engage the target audience.

A company’s robust digital marketing plan (you have one, right?) must incorporate a mature content strategy to truly drive value outside your offered product and services. If you don’t have a plan and don’t know how to develop one, then the best is to hire a digital marketing agency in Austin to get your back like a pro.

From search engine optimization (SEO) to search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM) and pay per click ads (PPCA), etc., the formula of digital marketing success skins under a well-rounded global content planning and marketing strategy. The reason enough to believe it is that content in all shapes (strategic to unique selling points) is required to blend all facades of marketing communication: advertising, outreach marketing, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion and social media, etc.

Be Mindful: There is a difference in content planning and content marketing. Content developers take into account all aspects of conventional and contemporary marketing niches whereas marketers, today, largely think of ‘digital platforms’ while dealing with content marketing strategy.

Content Strategy Vs. Content Marketing Strategy:

Content strategy functions across the enterprise, while content marketing strategy is intended for a target audience.

Content Strategy:

The goal of content strategy is to create, deliver and manage useful, real-world content across all the departments of an enterprise. The type of content should be equally appropriate for the organization and potential clients. Though customer-oriented, this content is largely related to products and services of the organization such as audits, workflows, content models and guidelines. This results in well-organized processes, improved customer experiences and well-maintained content distribution across the organization.

Content Marketing Strategy:

The goal of a content marketing strategy is to create, deliver, and manage useful content to entice and engage your target audience.  The marketing plan entails everything from market segments to editorial calendars and digital channels.

The types of content involve here doesn’t necessarily mention the products and services, but the creative blog posts, informative articles, whitepapers, podcasts, social media posts, infographs, ebooks and email newsletters.

In short, from a marketing perspective, whatever you publish is projected to attract, acquire, and engage the potential consumer-base. This lead to well-rounded content, efficient processes and enriched user experiences within the scope of content marketing.

Be Noted: The content strategy typically goes beyond the scope of a company’s content marketing strategy because it helps in developing, planning, executing, delivering and managing all the content it has.

Point taken or feeling perplexed? Let’s put it this way.

Content strategy is the backbone of a content marketing plan, which is critical to business success. It acts like a map to your most cherished branding goals, or else you would be a rudderless boat sailing into the corporate world’s abyss. And, for this you need the right hands to execute it.

When the content marketing comes across digital platforms it turns into digital marketing. These platforms include;

  • Email
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Devices

This indicates that content marketing provides a solid foundation for your digital marketing strategy.  It gives uncommon value, meaning, cohesion and sustainability to your digital marketing endeavors, mandatory to capture the attention of targeted consumer-base.

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Content Marketing Is A Holy Grail of Every Digital Marketing Strategy.  

Why so?

For the reason that businesses use their content plans in response to their marketing queries prior to turning their digital marketing idea into reality.

Once Considered A King, Content Is A Mighty Kingdom Today.

How Come?

  • To develop and launch websites, you need content
  • To carry out email marketing campaigns, you need content
  • To run PPC ads on search engine marketing platforms, you need content.
  • To craft an attention-grabbing infograph for social media, you need content.
  • To optimize web images for search engines, you need content.

And, where not?

You cannot survive in the fierce corporate world without content planning and marketing. Staying ahead is a different story. To cope with it, you need to anchor your digital marketing strategy on a plausible content marketing in the first place.

Building Blocks of this Terrific Kingdom include

  • Timeliness
  • Consistency
  • Relevancy
  • Authenticity
  • Audience Insights
  • Clear goals
  • Strategic planning
  • Measurable success

Content Elevates Your Digital Marketing Pitch!

Whether a content plan or content marketing strategy, businesses have to offer uncommon value to the customers, first… then sell. Therefore, it is necessary to identify your brand’s unique value to be embedded in content plan and then communicate it successfully through a strong content marketing strategy.

Content marketing offers you great opportunities to make everything you do in digital marketing better.

What does this mean? Content marketing is a catalyst to the broader marketing strategy. This means it’s a small, but an imperative fraction of a company’s overall integrated marketing.

The soaring demand for content is an obvious thing because at this point of time the marketing teams are restructuring themselves toward the world’s digital transformation.

Digital media consumption is a norm. And, so is content marketing incorporation in brand’s comprehensive integrated marketing

Focused Aims of Digital Marketing Plan in 2018:

  • To build a solid calls-to-action pipeline.
  • To enhance the profit-value of pipeline.
  • To accelerate the existing pipeline.
  • To magnify the value of existing consumer-base.
  • To sell a differentiated story (supplemented by sales material).

The Verdict:

Content marketing is the ‘voice of businesses’ since digital marketing, today, is all about the content-driven consumer experience. Hence, story-first approach is mandatory for a successful digital marketing plan. For example, your digital magazine should be built as a center of gravity with a key purpose of building a subscribed audience. Give your integrated digital marketing a firm ground by allowing content marketing to play its valuable role adeptly.

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