Hacked Twitter Account of “Guardians” Captured the Syrian Army

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The Twitter account belongs to the overthrow of the Guardian hackers that belong to the hands of the Syrian electronic army.

Hackers have fallen in recent weeks on high-profile Twitter accounts – they attacked Twitter accounts of access points and have a habit of broadcasting, spreading false news in the White House, actually in Dow Jones, which It led to a fall.

In this recent incident, an unauthorised message was posted from the @GuardianSustBiz @BusinessDesk newspaper account earlier in the day:

gurdian business

sustainable business

He wondered how the Syrian electronic army manages the hijacked accounts of organisations such as BBC, FIA and CBS.

Suspiciously, hackers have directed phishing emails of potential victims.

For example, if an attacker sends an e-mail from a convincing news agency that claims to be a link to a news item, the recipient might be tempted to click on the details of the Twitter account that was mentioned in their tweet,

Many media organisations allow their employees to update their official Twitter accounts so that only an employee has to be tricked into attacking the account password to fall into the wrong hands.

The theory of the fishing of attacks of phishing against the journalist of The Guardian James Ball seems to be satisfied:

James Ball tweeted about the mention of Syrina Army:

James Ball tweet

The type of Guardian phishing attack has done what I mentioned yesterday (Be) is good: continuous, evolving, today’s mail.

With luck, the “tutor” will stop controlling his accounts quickly: he will join the growing organisations with the hope that the corporate Twitter accounts will provide greater security.

Make sure people in your organisation search for suspicious emails and avoid using passwords to reduce the likelihood of identity theft. Users are doing some mistake that why they are facing this. If you didn’t know about the signs of a hacked twitter account then you must search for it and must consider things.

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