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09 Mar.,2023


The company has a group of cooperation teams engaged in the Aluminium Letter Plate industry for many years, with dedication, innovation spirit and service awareness, and has established a sound quality control and management system to ensure product quality.

Yale will be the headline sponsor at this year’s Glazing Summit, which takes place on Thursday, October 12. It will be the third time in a row that Yale has been headline sponsor at the event, which will again take place at Edgbaston Stadium. To read more click the pic

Durham’s AT Precision has added two new window handle ranges to its portfolio. The new range of offset window handles is available in gold, white, chrome and satin silver. To read more click the pic

The CAB confidence survey remains the only recognised confidence survey for the UK aluminium building trade. The survey results indicate that confidence, going into 2023, is slightly more positive than in the recent past, writes CEO Phil Slinger. To read more click the pic

ERA has appointed Graham Colls (pictured) as head of technical product as part of its commitment to providing fabricators and installers with quality hardware and decorative furniture. He will be leading ERA’s inhouse product team to accelerate its product development strategy. To read more click the pic

The NECS building group is the largest certified Guardian warm roof fabricator in the UK. The company fabricates and builds each before it is flat-packed and delivered to site so it can be fitted in half the time of other conservatory roof replacement systems. To read more click the pic

In order to survive and thrive in today’s climate, businesses need a steady stream of new customers. Having a comprehensive lead generation strategy is a sure fire-way to do this writes Purplex CEO Andrew Scott. To read more click the pic

The Windsor Framework is yet another example of political prejudice being imposed on an unwilling electorate according to John Roper as he laments there are no tomatoes to throw at those responsible. It is a prejudice that now prevents European migrants from filling the abundant vacancies in construction, manufacturing and turnip picking. To read more click the pic

Mila’s new Kitemarked SupaSecure and ProSecure letterplates protects against thieves using the letterplate to ‘fish’ for keys and valuables.

As a result, the response from the market has been great, with both high and low volume customers making the switch to the SupaSecure – with the stainless steel version proving especially popular.

One fabricator in particular has given the product its endorsement. Nova Group is now fitting the SupaSecure as standard on all its Secured by Design accredited residential doors.


 “What’s clear from the design of the letterplate is that it’s got the fabricator firmly in mind.”

– Simon Felstein 

Managing Director, Nova Group


Mix and match

“Just like the Mila ProSecure door hinge which has been on our doors for a long time,” adds Nova’s Felstein, “it’s quick and easy to fit. It’s assembled and fitted just like a traditional letter plate in just a couple of minutes with no special screws or routing. The fact that the two parts of the letterplate are packaged separately means we can mix and match finishes on dual colour doors if that’s what customers want.



Felstein continues: “The product obviously meets the Door and Hardware Federation’s TS008: 2015 security standard, and the updated PAS24:2016 required for SBD accreditation, which is a big USP for our trade customers but it doesn’t have any of the bulky cowls or cumbersome add-ons that we’ve seen in SBD letterplates from other hardware companies.

“It’s particularly slim, protruding just 45mm on the inside of the door and comes in a good range of polished and brushed stainless steel finishes, all with the reassurance of a 25-year mechanical and surface finish warranty from Mila.”

The Mila TS008 letterplate is a patent-pending design featuring anti-fishing fins which open with a smooth concertina action to allow mail to be posted through. Crucially though, the fins restrict the internal flap opening to 80° and this, in combination with an angled postal ramp which deflects items upwards, is what makes fishing almost impossible.


Picture: Simon Felstein, Managing Director of Nova Group with the Mila TS008 compliant letterplate.



Article written by Cathryn Ellis
21st January 2022


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