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16 Feb.,2023


Do you need double bolt hose clamp solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

1. This is a newer "improvement". The corner of this piece used to be solid, cast as part of the clamp corner. I've had a few of these new plastic corners break off with the result that the clamp corner unit flops around when you attempt to position it around your object. Irritating! If both break off on one corner I don't know what you could do to remedy it besides buying a replacement. Why on earth did they do this?

2. I have 12 Merle clamps...only six continue to have their round strapping cases attached to the strapping. Of those six, the little handles for winding the strapping back into the round strapping case have fallen off. The only option is to stick a nail (with a head of course) through the hole to use as a handle for winding up the strapping. It works (I recommend wearing gloves) but I have started to just say the hell with it and hang the clamp up with the unrolled portion hanging down. 

3. This one is another new innovation. I do like that with those plastic gizmos installed (they are optional) you can clamp smaller objects. Otherwise it can be fussy work to get the face of all eight pivoting pads arranged so you can tighten things down. Actually I only have them on one clamp in case I have an extra small object to clamp.

4. There are two handles to tighten when clamping. The long red handle of course, and also this kind of handled bolt allows you to quickly pull in or release lengths of strapping. It a good thing. But...there is a loose piece of steel, between the handle and the strapping, that often gets "sticky". Sometimes I need to use a tiny tack hammer to knock it loose so the handle (and hence the movement of strapping itself) tightens or loosens more smoothly.

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