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26 Nov.,2022


Personal Breathalyzer

A personal breathalyzer is a helpful product that tests your BAC (blood alcohol content). A home breathalyzer may help you determine if you are within the legal limit of blood alcohol content. Keep in mind that the legal limit varies from state to state. For a compact, on-the-go option, try a keychain breathalyzer. A keychain breathalyzer can be attached to your car keys, so you’ll never be without it! You can also purchase a slightly larger home breathalyzer test and replacement mouthpieces so that more than one person can use the unit.

Home Drug Test Kits

Home drug tests are tools that test for specific drugs in a person’s system. Most at home drug tests will offer a quick, at home result as well as a mail-away laboratory confirmation test that is either included in the price or will be billable later. When selecting a home drug test, it is important to make sure that the selected kit tests for the specific drug or drugs that you are concerned about. You should also keep in mind that while manufacturers do all they can to deliver reliable results, the nature of the product means that home drug tests are not always accurate. It is important to be aware that you may get an incorrect result. This can be due to a variety of factors, such as: the person being tested attempting to cheat or otherwise influence the results; the chemicals in the test expiring without you realizing; user error when administering or storing the test; unforeseen interactions with other substances consumed, such as certain types of food or drinks; and certain prescribed medications that may show up on the drug test even when taken responsibly. It is possible to get a false negative or a false positive from your at home drug test. Until you have confirmed the results of a home drug test kit with either a laboratory, your doctor, or both, you should refrain from taking any action aside from seeking out confirmation. Once the results have been confirmed, you should talk to your doctor about what the appropriate next steps should be.

OTC Drug Test

Many parents are interested in using an over the counter drug test to either check if their teenage children are taking drugs, or to prevent them from taking drugs by using the test as a deterrent, reasoning that if they know they will be tested, teens may be less likely to start using drugs. While home drug testing can be helpful in some cases, it is important to know that the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) does not advocate at home drug testing. Furthermore, the AAP stresses the importance of making early intervention and treatment options available if your teen does indeed test positive for drugs, rather than simply punishing them for using. If the person you are testing is an adult, your response should still be the same - it is equally important to offer the user resources and avenues of support in a respectful manner that ensures the safety, health, and wellbeing of both parties.

Positive Drug Test

If you get a positive result on a home drug test, your first action should always be to verify the results with a lab or your doctor. If it turns out that your loved one is using drugs, talk to your doctor about next steps. He or she will be able to offer you guidance about appropriate resources and treatment options that are available in your area. Be kind, but firm, and do not take any actions that will put either yourself or your loved one in danger. If you are dealing with a complicated situation, do not hesitate to seek help and support. Your doctor or a local agency are good places to start your search.