Konjak Soap - 100% Japanese Natural Cosmetic / Yuzu / Gold - Kin / Sakura / Matcha / Konnyaku Shabon

18 Mar.,2023


For smoother, clearer skin.
Japanese Beauty Secret - A find in Kyoto "Konnjaku Shabon"

This Konjaku soap is a luxurious blend of natural konjac ceramides. Maintains moisture even after washing your face, leaving your skin with a moist and glossy finish. 100% plant-based ingredients, recommended for sensitive skin no artificial additives, vegan. It does not leave your face feeling tight after washing, unlike other alkaline soaps. Be moisturized even after washing your face!

The soap has an interesting bouncy texture, refer to the video!

Absorbs impurities:
Konjac scrub is formulated with proprietary technology. Removes impurities without hurting the skin.

Yuzu (citron) — Softness 【Yuzu scent】
The citron-derived ceramide makes the skin smooth and glossy.
Made with ceramides from citron, konjac, and rice. The triple ceramide soap keeps the skin moist after washing. It will help you make moisturize and have glossy skin.

Kin (gold) — Suppleness 【Herbal scent】
Combines gold leaf and pearl extract. Its moisturizing ingredients effectively keep the skin smooth and supple. A luxurious soap that combines gold foil and pearl extract. Besides its gorgeous looks, its pearl extract will make your skin moist and supple. Besides, it contains hyaluronic acid alone in the series. The moisturizing ingredients will keep your skin moist and pleasant.

Yaezakura (double cherry blossom) — Clear skin 【Cherry blossom scent】hat provides the skin with smoothness and clarity will make your skin nice and glossy. Feel the suppleness of your skin.

Matcha(green tea) — Smoothness 【Matcha(green tea) scent】
Made with tea leaves from Kyoto. Prevents drying and roughness.
Combines tea leaves from Kyoto. The tea leaf extract keeps the skin healthy. The moisturizing ingredients condition the skin to keep it from becoming dry or rough. Smoothens the skin.

How to Use: Take the soap in your hand, lather it well with water or warm water, then gently roll the foam. Rinse thoroughly with cold or warm water after washing. For those who want to enjoy the squishy feeling of konjaku soap, we recommend using it directly on the skin

1 piece 100g