Step 2. Design an API Specification

15 Nov.,2022


Pharmaceutical Intermediate Exporter

  1. Open hello-world.raml if it isn’t already open:

    Take me to API Designer

  2. Click the Documentation icon if the Documentation panel isn’t already open.

  3. Look for the label API endpoints. You can see the endpoint you defined. HTTP requests appear in green boxes.

  4. Click GET to display the GET request and more information about the specification.

  5. Click Code examples to review samples for each protocol.

  6. Click 200 and 404 under Responses to review the responses defined in the API specification.

  7. Click the blue Try it button.

  8. Click Send to send your request to the temporary request URL that the mocking service creates from your specification.

    It’s safe to ignore any error messages on this screen. A successful request returns 200 OK and the test message:

  9. Click Response details in the kebab menu to examine the response headers and request headers in the mocking service to help diagnose issues or understand the behavior of your API specification.

  10. When you have finished testing, open the Mocking Service Configuration panel, then in Local Settings enable Select By Default.