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02 Dec.,2022


Digital Rice Cooker

Make dinner easy & satisfying with an easy-to-use rice cooker. It takes the fuss out of cooking rice & is the perfect thing to give your cooking an instant upgrade. Try the nonstick, Zojirushi rice cooker with an auto-cook menu that includes everything from medium-grain, brown rice & long-grain, white rice to umami rice, sticky rice & short grain, sushi rice. Simply put the uncooked rice into the inner pot of the cooker & choose from a pre-programmed menu to make the perfect rice for a variety of your favorite recipes. Check out to find the right rice cooker for your kitchen. A digital rice cooker usually comes with a glass lid, a rice paddle & steam tray, plus one-touch cook & warm functions to make it easy to cook & serve healthy meals to your family. Whip up an easy one-pot cheesy risotto or one-pot chicken curry using a pot-style rice cooker. Explore a range of rice cooker to find the perfect pick.