Let’s Get Blunt about Blunt Tubes: All You Need to Know!

16 Feb.,2023


Do you need glass pre roll tubes solution? Choose us as your partner and we will provide you with a solution that will satisfy you.

Blunt tubes, aka joint tubes, are cylindrical plastic containers that are used for pre-rolled cones or joints. This is an excellent packaging for dry herbs or marijuana that has already been rolled into cones because you no longer need a rolling tray to start breaking down the herbs.

Made from polycarbonate plastic, blunt tubes are excellent for packaging and offering freebies to customers after they make a purchase, if you’re running a dispensary. Easy to carry and use, blunt tubes are ideal for smokers who are into herbal cigarettes. Simply put pressure on the sides to pop open the cap and there you go!

Here are all the ways your business can benefit from our blunt tubes.

Keeps It Fresh

If you’re dealing with those who’re pro in smoking pot, you definitely can’t risk providing stale joints. Most users prefer rolling up joints in advance for later use and a blunt tube helps keep the herbs fresh. You don’t want your cones to dry up too fast or else they’ll burn too quickly when you light them up. A blunt tube is the best way to keep those puffs alive!

Keeps The Smell Away

There’s nothing like the strong scent of dry herbs. As much as your clients may like marijuana, no one appreciates the fumes of dry herbs burning through their nostrils. Not all herbs will smell as much but if you store a half-smoked joint, it’ll reek. An airtight blunt tube will not let the smell emit until the cap is popped open. This way it’s safe to keep with luggage, in back pockets or handbags.

Child Proof

Kids can get high on a sugar rush so you want to keep them away from smoke-able items. Your users will prefer packaging that’s convenient and safe to use around kids.

More Discrete

It’s hard to carry a half-smoked joint around if you’re on the go. Not only does the smell spread within a locus of several meters but also makes it less discreet. Keeping it in a plastic tube will attract less attention and keep the smell away in case someone in the vicinity is bothered by it.

Store For Later

Newbies might find it hard to smoke a full cone in one go. Having a plastic blunt tube to carry around will make it easier for them to smoke at intervals and keep it fresh as well. This way they can store their pre-rolls safely tucked in a blunt tube and not worry about finishing it in a breath.

If you’re convinced that blunt tubes are what your business needs for market competitive packaging, get in touch with us. We provide wholesale plastic packaging in the form of pre roll tubes to businesses dealing with marijuana products. With guaranteed quality and durability, our products are just what your business needs!

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