Truco's new range of PVC hoses & air

31 Jan.,2023


pvc air hose

At the same time, Truco has introduced oxygen (blue) and acetylene (red) hoses that complement the company's already existing range of small bore rubber hoses. These hoses have a fluted outer cover and a smooth nitrile inner liner.

With the release of Truco's range of colour air and water 20 bar rubber hoses, companies can now easily colour-code different sections of their plants. "The colour hose facilitates better control, through identifying different air and water lines in the plant," suggests Wray Radford, Manager, Truco KwaZula-Natal. "Another benefit is that the various colours can be matched to suit companies corporate colours, such as air hoses used on service station forecourts."

The range is available in yellow, green, red, blue, orange and brown - and complements the existing black air and water 20 bar hose. To date, Truco has supplied around 6 000 m of 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm air and water hose of various colours to customers. "These customers were all particularly impressed with the high quality of the hose," concludes Radford.

All of the company's new hose products are available ex stock from its outlets at Crown Mines (Johannesburg), Krugersdorp, Cape Town and Durban.