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18 Mar.,2023


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The user should download a map base, in my case I’m using Bing’s road map. You can use Google or other basemaps. You can insert the basemap by:

  1. Click “Web”

  2. “Web -> OpenLayers Plugin -> Bing Maps -> Bing Road”

If there is no OpenLayers plugin, it will need to be downloaded by following the process outlined at essentially it follows:

  1. Click “Plugins”

  2. Click “Manage and Install Plugins …”

  3. Type in “openlayers”

  4. Click on “OpenLayers Plugin”

  5. Install Plugin

  6. Follow the process above after install

For my particular case, I walked around New York City and mapped the route using various basemaps (Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia Labeled Layer). Below is a sample mapping where I walked around the campus at the City College of New York, and the data points from the GPS sensor match nearly exactly with the route taken. When walking near some larger buildings, the GPS lags or jumps around, which is expected as it is likely that the satellites are having trouble communicating with the sensor through or around the taller masses.

Below is the GPS route atop the Bing aerial street map, which closely resembles a satellite image of the surface:

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