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Why Your SMM Campaign Isn’t Reaping Your Desired Results?

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None of the startups want to invest their money in expensive marketing campaigns. If you are the one with a new ecommerce business, then what you want to do is to develop your social media presence based on your unique selling point. With millions of users on each social channel you need to pick them wisely. For instance, Instagram works the best for fashion brands, Facebook for food and beverage outlets and both are perfect for gut-level communication.

On the other hand, Twitter is more inclined towards evaluative communication and the best channel to connect with the audience that prefers small talks than loads of impart information. Likewise, other social platforms have their own distinctive attributes to aid businesses in acquiring the new potential consumers.

Wonder what it takes to create a social media marketing campaign so good that your target audience couldn’t resist falling for your brand. Transfer the burden to a social media agency in Abu Dhabi wherein skilled professionals will conceive, create, implement and evaluate the social media marketing strategy. They better understand how to contemplate the tricky marketing tactics and turning your idle, unfruitful social media presence into a thriving, objective reality.

Here are the 2 key reasons hampering your SMM campaign from yielding the optimum results; employ the provided solution to each problem and enjoy the improvement in your social media insights.  

  1. Your Content Is Not Consumer-Centric:

So, you are creating unique content in bulk assuming that it will engage the users. But, it won’t be of any help if people do not find it relevant to what they are looking for. For example, if a fashion brand’s focus goes wide of the mark it can never be in the position to attract more users to their social profiles. So, the right bet is to create product-oriented posts because people will come to you when you give them the things of their choice.

Why a person in search of modern attire will visit your Facebook when for the majority of the moments he gets generic content.

He simply does not need it, so he will move on to your competitor who’s giving the aspired users their required substance.

Give it a thought?

Today, in fact at all times, consumer-centric content catches the attention of the people. It’s a kind of thumb rule and the brands that overlook this thing will soon lose the consumer interest in their brand.  

So, avoid publishing generic content in abundance on your social pages. For example, witty excerpts, motivational quotes, insightful quizzes, etc. You just need to build strong social media image because a strong brand image is backbone to your business success. They only appear good to break the monotony. And, yes on special occasions. But, if its ratio turns out to be more than brand related content and in which people find substantial worth and yearn for becoming regular users. This will increase the likelihoods of converting such users into customers.

Tips to making your content more enticing:

Do not use low resolution, pixelated photos – it’s like attacking on the people’s aesthetic sense, which they can never adore.

Pay more focus on creating video content instead of bombarding the audience with textual content because people are too busy today that they don’t bother reading lengthy things.

  1. You Are Not Running Epic Giveaways:

This happens when brands divert their focus from their unique selling point to other pointless things like general content. above, you are not running special offers in extended time period, the people will decamp your social channels very soon.

Pick a clever way and get your products and services in their hands.

Give them free of cost.

Oh! How can I give away hundreds of products?  This will be the first thought to hit your mind.

No one is asking you to give all products on discount or a big number for free.

Just go for weekly and monthly promotions.  Contests and sweepstakes are good options.


Creating more relevant and engaging visual content is a top priority for digital marketers. The use of the right content, for the right audience and at the right time will surely help to maximize your social media opportunities.

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