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Do you think England can strike back as a Champion in Ashes?

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Ashes fever is on, and it is supposed to continue until January. Yes, but the heart-wrenching situation for English supporters who saw their team smashing defeat in first series by 10 wickets. If you people have already planned a party then let me tell you game is not over yet. Numerous issues were figured out by senior sportspersons which are essential to overcome as soon as possible for sustaining in the series. Cricket is always by chance, no one can predict the last ball of the game. Numerous journalists have been discussing this hot topic for a month. Might be harsh analyses were the main reason for suppressing the team morale.

england team

Results of the first series were not that much impressive as it was supposed to be. Have you gone through an analysis where it has been figured out that English team never won the Ashes series at the Australian ground in past seven years? If you are a follower of Ashes series from years, then you might consider this fact for their critical defeat. Low team morale can never let the team win by a significant margin. This point might be depressing for all the English fans, but we shouldn’t predict the whole ashes on the past conclusions.

The English team is suffering from severe issues from the dressing room to ground, and it can be seen clearly by the senior sportsperson who are still hoping for great series. Well, it is possible, and it would be possible if specific issues will overcome timely.  Among several issues, English team need to follow the rules and boundaries that are set by their team management.  We can see media is failed too in focussing on the team performance; they still prefer the past results where English team was unable to play well in last tours, but it is essential to give them space where they can find out their mistakes to perform well for the dignity of their country.

Recently Bairstow issue has also left the English team grounded. That was in the main headline of every news channel and these days it is a topic of discussion of every sports show. I guess, if we stop discussing such depressing figures then might be we can help them moving further towards victory. It’s difficult to say in advance that everything will get right without implementing any strategic approach. First defeat has smashed English players, but right selection of team can mitigate the humiliation of English squad all over the world.

The situation will be cleared in next ODI test series at Adelaide, which is going to hit the ground on December 02.  Although fast bowling attacks of Aussies are much dangerous for English players but the home ground for Australians will be another significant advantage for them.

English players shouldn’t take this fact seriously and need to work hard for further matches. If they want to be in the tournament, then they need to win upcoming ODI match with high margin. So English supporters shouldn’t give up now. Controversies are part of every team, but we shouldn’t create a hype.

Senior sportspersons are helping out English players to get out their self from this crunch for further matches. There are probably changes in team squad, additional suggestions that have already been given to the team for next test match but here we need to be much optimistic rather than being critics. Apparently, England has lots of opportunities, but they don’t seem to avail. Those players who are new to ashes were the best although no one couldn’t score the 100’s at Gabba. This is the need of English players to perform well in next ODI by giving great opening because it’s rare for teams to win by 30s and 40s. I would say the party doesn’t end yet, so support your team by raising their morale on the ground with complimentary quotes. Wear scarves that should have team logo to whom you are supporting and print a message as well. Yes, these scarves are getting an acknowledgement in soccer to cricket grounds everywhere. Sports scarves are being used to show their fandom to the favourite team while sport scarves are for brand promotion. Although both act same if we have to boost our squad Morales then we use to opt sports scarves for enhancing team confidence.

If England wants to be in the series, then it is quite essential to overcome their issues as soon as possible. We are looking forward to the great match with excellent scores.

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