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Transform Your Web Homepage into a Conversion Machine

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There is common that saying that ‘first impression is the last’. It’s just like a food with poor presentation. No matter how good in taste, it will hold up the interest of avid foodies to try it, at least once. He may try in case of hunger and nothing else is available. But, this is not the case when a user come across a website. The first thing he sees is the homepage and if it fails to captivate the user’s attention he will turn elsewhere. For the reason that there exists a lot more other websites offering the same products and services.

Despite having a unique selling proposition and higher traffic rates on your website, if the homepage isn’t convincing, it will not have higher-converting potential leads. This is the high time to evaluate your homepage and fix all those elements that are possibly harmful for the conversion funnel.

Even if you ask an SEO Expert London how you can get more traffic and mature leads, he will recommend you to revamp your website and set up the homepage that it will enhance the conversion rate rather than breaking it. This means you need a responsive design and development of your homepage. Although your website has a lot more to offer, but it is often overwhelming to decide on what your visitors must see in the first place they reach your website.

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Build a Homepage that Actually Converts Leads into Sales:

Where do you start to convert your homepage into a conversion machine? Here are a few tips to follow in this regard.

  1. Keep it Simple:

Simple things are more appealing in the business world unless you are running a fashion brand. But, in that case, you still need to keep the homepage design minimal.

Whatever business or industry you are in, use a simplified design. Use the buzzwords that are easy to understand.

Avoid stuffing and only give the essentially important information on the first page and move the rest to the inner pages. Or else, the user will feel perplexed or distracted.

  1. Use Quality Images:

Images play a vital role in boosting the conversion rates. Do not use plain and boring images.

Always consider to go for attractive, brand-oriented and high resolution or somewhat professional images that loads swiftly.

Do not cram a page with a lot of heavy images. Keep their number low for more conversions.

  1. Recognizable CTAs:

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All the call-to-action buttons should be rightly placed on the homepage. Make it clear so that users don’t have to find it. Remember, online customers are impatient and they need everything in their easy reach.

Cut down the distractions and take the site visitor straight to the CTA to turn them into profitable actions.

  1. Focus on Speed:

Higher the homepage loading speed, the higher will be conversion rate. Speed is what not only the customers demand, but the search engine rankings highly depend on this factor. For this, you can hire any SEO company but must avoid these SEO Package Selection Mistakes before hiring any SEO Firm. A  perfect website that functions fast, and without crash points will have a lower bounce rate. This, ultimately, enhances the user engagement and hence the conversion rate.

Your website won’t load quickly unless you fix the following

  • Complicated menus
  • Tons of images
  • Flash images
  • Elongated videos
  • Long blocks of content
  • Loads of colors
  • Flashing lights

Remove all the unnecessary elements. Also, focus on the quality of your web hosting because cheaper one’s often troubles the loading process of the web pages.

In the end, it is important that your website is perfectly optimized for the mobile devices.

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