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Web Design Practices to Gain Momentum in 2018

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Scrolling down Instagram you come across a trendy pair of jeans. You will hit the image and check for the brand it belongs. For further details, you will click on the website link added in the post. You enter the website. Now, ideally you should be directed to the product page and exactly the place where your first-sighted admired jeans with detailed information including the price is located.

Well, it is all fine to reach a site as you can search for the desired product and a lot more as you wish. But, the most devastating is to get lost even on the homepage because it’s so confusing or dull. Why so? The outlook of your website is outdated. He will start looking for the alternatives. You lost a customer. Now, take a pause and imagine the huge loss of consumer base if you stay intact to an old, dull, obsolete web design.

People, today, look for something really appealing. They seek for valuable substance with an enticing rhetoric. And, this is how a strong, loyal consumer-base is developed. Just like you need to maintain your brick and mortar store to facilitate the customers with quality in products and excellence in customer support, you have to manage your e-store with contemporary tactics. If you overlook the current design standards, the chances of losing your clients to your competitor will accelerate. To renovate your online retail store, you have to consult professional web design company to develop your project according to the dominating design trends prevailing in the eCommerce industry.

Here are a few web design dispositions forecasted to stay popular this year.

Mobile Responsive:

Responsive web design

We all know people are mobile today, not in their daily work but also the way they communicate. Mobile-friendly websites are in rage for long. However, keep in mind, the difference in a website being mobile-friendly and mobile responsive. A mobile-responsive design functions flawlessly on all mobile devices and display screens (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones etc.). Whereas, the former only works the best on mobile phones.   Build a design that’s mobile responsive that could be easily attuned to the mobile-first-index feature the Google Search Console largely depends on ranking your site in the search engines. Or, build a mobile app on a responsive layout.

Dynamic Color Combination:

Regardless of your business type, target market and the platforms you pick for website design and development, make sure your colors appeal the aesthetic angle of site visitors. Sharp, pinching or gaudy colors seldom get admiration and potential clients tend to leave your site. The use of dynamic colors with balanced contrasts is going to continue this year. The proportionate hue will give your site an attractive look.

Geometric Figures:

Grid layout is the building block of any web design. The recent approach to make it more captivating is the use of circles, lines, and other geometric patterns. This trend appeared in 2016, since then its gaining popularity that’s going to continue this year. All you need to do is to carefully incorporate these shapes and patterns to build a meaningful design, adding more worth to your brand value.

Animated Illustrations:

No matter how decorative element and creative patterns you combine in your flat, material designs, a website with animated illustrations will take a lead on you. People adore the quality, eye-catching GIFs. Add them to your web design, but in a language and motion that fits the mood of your brand message. It should be full of dynamism.

Wrapping it all, web designers are focusing more on visual content, animated illustrations and geometric elements for developing creative layouts to attract the target audience.

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