Anti-Glare coating on glasses worth it?

08 Nov.,2022


Korean Sunglasses Brand

My optician recommended getting anti-glare coating since I was mostly going to be using my glasses for TV/looking at the projector and board at uni, and personally I do I find it is immensely helpful for all that stuff. Especially at uni, there's quite a glare on the projector and there's a real noticeable difference with and without my glasses (especially when there's quite small writing); so even if I'm sitting right near the front and can see enough to read it without my glasses, as well as sharpening things up, eliminating the glare by wearing my glasses is immensely helpful. It's also very useful at the cinema and things like that.

So yeah, I'd go for anti-glare given the choice again. Specsavers offer free anti-glare coating as one of their special offers on the £69 range and above so I just did that though (although you can't use it with any other offer).