Benefits of All-Terrain Tires

02 Nov.,2022


All Terrain Tires

The all-terrain tire seen on the left has a more irregular tread pattern than the highway tire. The grooves and sipes in the tread blocks are also larger, allowing the tire to make better contact with irregular terrain. The wide grooves between the shoulder blocks make it easy for the tire to expel small rocks and stones that can hinder off-road performance.

All Terrain vs Mud Terrain

So, if an all-terrain tire offers additional traction off paved roads, why shouldn’t you just go all the way up to an off-road tire, such as a mud terrain (MT)? While the additional tread block spacing on these beastly tires makes them well-suited to off-road work, MT tires can create a noticeable droning noise while driving on paved surfaces. Therefore, if pavement and unpaved trails are all part of a day’s work for you and your truck, an all-terrain tire may be your best choice. As you can see, an all-terrain tire is ideal for truck owners who tackle a variety of terrain throughout the day. If you’re thinking of upgrading your truck tires, take a look at these best-selling all-terrain offerings from RealTruck.

Customer Favorite All-Terrain Tires