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22 Nov.,2022


Progesterone Powder


Progesterone has been used:• as a growth-promoting hormone in basal medium for bovine mammary epithelial cell culture• to test its neuroprotective abilities in a well-characterized lateral cortical contusion injury (CCI) model• as an endocytosis inhibitor to study its effect on Coxsackievirus A9 infection on A549 cells

Biochem/physiol Actions

Progesterone is a hormone that maintains pregnancy. It is essential for embryo formation, development and survival in almost all mammals. This hormone exhibits its action via progesterone receptor, which is specifically expressed in the endometrial stroma throughout pregnancy. It is known to prevent preterm delivery, when administered intramuscularly. Progesterone also controls gonadotropin secretion, activates sexual behavior and triggers ovarian events leading to ovulation. It stimulates the growth and differentiation of the uterus and prevents uterine contractility.

Induces maturation and secretory activity of the uterine endothelium; suppresses ovulation. Progesterone is implicated in the etiology of breast cancer.

General description

Progesterone is a steroid hormone secreted by the ovaries.

Other Notes

Steroid hormone produced by the corpus luteum.


1, 5, 25 g in glass bottle

Physical form

powder-RT; stock-frozen in working aliquots, avoid repeated freeze/thaw


To prepare 20µg/ml stock solution, add 1ml absolute ethanol per mg progesterone, gently swirl to dissolve, add 49ml sterile medium per ml ethanol.