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18 Mar.,2023


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Loko is battery operated GPS tracker that can send navigation data to its receiver via peer-to-peer LoRa radio. Based on radio communication, Loko doesn’t require a sim-card or monthly fee. It can work anywhere, even if there is no 2G/3G/LTE coverage.

Loko has an ultra-low power consumption, the tiny built-in coin cell battery can work for more than 30 days on a single charge. Designed for harsh conditions and crashes, Loko is waterproof, rust-resistant and durable. It can also transmit navigation data to existing LoRaWAN networks.

The Loko bundle contains the Ground unit (receiver) and the Air unit (transmitter). The Air unit transmits navigation data to the Ground unit at a pre-configured time interval, and the Ground unit transmits the received data to a smartphone app via bluetooth (iPhone only with this version). The location of any Loko Air modules will automatically show on a 2D map in the app.

Loko Demo

Excellent for Drones and More

Pre-installing Loko in drones can prevent common occurrence of crashes and loss. And besides drone tracking, it is suitable for tracking any important devices/belongings. Loko can be used any time you need to know a real time location.

Loko Configuration App

Loko uses a simple PC app to configure parameters. Those parameters are:

  • ID1: A 3 digit ID that pairs the Loko Air unit to Loko Ground Unit
  • ID2: A 2 digit ID that separates each Loko Air unit in the same network
  • Data Interval: The data transmit interval sets the Loko Air units sleep period
  • Frequency: 868 Mhz or 915 Mhz

Features & Specifications

Loko Air Unit (transmitter):

  • Navigation: 33 tracking/ 99 acquisition-channel GPS / GLONASS / GALILEO receiver
  • Radio Frequency: Worldwide Compatibility wide frequency range EU868/US915/AU915/AS923/KR920/IN865
  • Radio: LoRa / LoRaWAN, supports global LoRaWAN® frequency plan
  • Weight: 12 gram / 0.42 ounce
  • Size: diameter - 30 mm x height - 23 mm
  • Battery life: +30 days to a year in a single charge , depends on transmit interval
  • Range: +10 km
  • Weatherproofing: IPX7 water resistance for light rain and the dust proof and durable hard plastic case protects from shocks.
  • Charging: 5 V USB type-C power adapter
  • Phone App This version is iPhone only. Ground unit transmits data to smartphone via bluetooth
  • Software: PC configuration software
  • Auto turn on feature: Loko turns on automatically when it is powered from a USB port or on-board power source. This feature is added in case the user forgets to power on before drone flight

Loko Ground Unit (receiver):

  • Radios: LoRa , Bluetooth 4
  • ANT: Antenna connector, SMA male
  • Button: Turns ON/OFF with 3 second button press
  • USB: USB Type-C connector for built in battery charging and setting the Loko Ground unit parameters
  • Size: 114 mm x 26 mm x 29 mm
  • Weight: including battery, 110 g

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