Precautions for reversing the extended van semi-trailer

06 Jun.,2022


All van semi-trailers are reversing backwards in the opposite direction, and when reversing backwards, you must first feel the sense of distance and direction of the car. This is very important when reversing backwards.

Be sure to observe the rearview mirror or the instructions of the person behind you. Let me tell you about your experience of reversing to the rear. For example, if you are reversing to the right now, as the front of the car, you must be driving to the left. Remember to see the distance between your right rear foot and the intersection, and don't turn the direction at the beginning. Damn, the half-hanger is also correcting as it falls while watching the right rear foot of the trailer enter the street. At this time, it is time to steer the direction and make the body come straight as soon as possible.

If you can't get over it, it's better to go up and back up. It doesn't matter, the driver will understand that even if others are urging you, don't worry, just calm down and back up slowly, safety first, and your mood The sudden noise will affect your reversing. When reversing to the back, when the rear body is a little bit to the right, it is turning the wheel, and the body or the front of the car is straight. If it is not straight, repair it by yourself. When reversing to the left The same is to remember not to be anxious, many people know that driving a semi-trailer is a more laborious and professional industry, and reversing the car requires a technical level.